Membership Renewal Process

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How to renew your Membership


Dear Visitor,


Further to my email about the new packages and payment methods we are offering from 1 March, I am writing to explain the process for renewing your membership as we move to ClubSpark. In the near term we will continue to use website for some functions which are not available on ClubSpark (e.g., box leagues and storing club documents).


The process will work as follows:

  1. You will soon receive an email from the Banchory Tennis ClubSpark account asking you to pay for 2021 membership.
  1. Follow the link in the email. If you have not used ClubSpark before to make court bookings, you will need to create a membership account (either using your LTA login, Facebook account or by creating a new ClubSpark login with your email) and agree to the Banchory tennis club terms and conditions.
  1. You will be taken to a payment page for a package which should be similar to your existing one; however, you are welcome to pick a different package or payment option.
  1. Scroll down (or follow the blue link) to see the other membership packages available. If you want to select a different membership package (or to join a continuous rolling monthly membership rather than an annual one) please do so.
  1. We are now offering all payments for annual membership by Direct Debit as well as by Bank Transfer to Acct 00110847, sort code 83-28-46, but cannot accept payment by cash or cheque.
  1. For some higher priced packages, payments can be made in 4 instalments (March-June) by Direct Debit.
  1. We are also offering a new continuous membership package for adults, seniors >65, and Families. This is payable monthly by Direct Debit. These cannot be renewed within 12 months of cancellation, as they are not intended for members to dip in and out of during the year, but to offer convenient way of spreading the cost and avoiding the need to have to renew every spring.
  1. If you pay by DD, the system will update automatically; if you pay by Bank Transfer please email to confirm, as we will then manually update the system to show that you have paid. It reduces our administration if you can pay by DD.
  1. Please make sure that your personal details in ClubSpark are up to date and that you are aware of the Terms and Conditions.


If you have not received the email requesting payment by Sunday 14th, please contact me directly.



A flowchart of the process is appended below.


Very Best Wishes



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President