2021 Membership Packages

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New Membership Packages for 2021


Dear Visitor,


Our annual membership fees are due on 1st March – surely the weather will have improved by then – and I am writing to let you know of the changes we are making to the packages we will offer from 1 March.


Last spring, in response to the pandemic, we copied all our membership details from our banchorytennis.net database onto ClubSpark. This allowed us to run an online court booking system and app and to open the courts for Pay & Play guests by collecting fees online. It also facilitates booking for coaching and for running events. Although there were a few teething problems the online system has worked extremely well, and the committee has decided to take the next step and to use ClubSpark for membership admin and fee collection. The benefits of doing this are a streamlined admin process and greater flexibility in the type and number of membership packages that we can offer. We are also using this opportunity to tidy up some anomalies which had crept into our existing membership set up.


The key changes to the membership packages are as follows:

  1. Continuous membership by monthly Direct Debit

In addition to our normal annual membership package, we are offering Adult, Family and Senior (over 65) members the opportunity to pay by monthly direct debit which will run continuously until cancelled. This allows members to spread the cost of play and will ultimately cut the amount of administration effort. We believe it will also encourage new members to sign up and try without having to contemplate a hefty payment first. The package is intended for long-term membership, and not for people to dip in and out seasonally, and so we will not allow renewal of this package within 12 months of cancellation: i.e., if you cancel in October 2021, then you cannot resume membership of this package until October 2022 but can join an annual membership package.

  1. Parent and Child Packages

We are keen to welcome more parents and children to the club and so have introduced discounted rates for 1 adult who joins with up to 2 children under the age of 18, to be more consistent with the Family package. Additional children to be paid at full cost.

  1. Changes to Payment Methodology

Members are encouraged to pay by Direct Debit for any membership package; for 5-year packages and the Parent+Child package, there is the option to spread the cost of annual membership over 4 payments March-June. We will also accept payment by direct transfer to our bank account for annual memberships but will need to be notified by email when payment is made as this requires more administration.

  1. Hardship concessions

We welcome applications, in confidence, to the Welfare Officer Paul Wilson wilsonpaulh@aol.com  from members who are keen to play but have difficulty in affording the fees.


The following is a summary of the membership packages for this year. We are happy to consider different combinations in future.





Single Payment

4 Instalments

Continuous Monthly


Adult Continuous Membership

Pay monthly by DD



2021 Adults

Age 25-65




2021 5-year Adult Membership

For adults aged 25-65





2021 Seniors

Age 65 and over




Senior Continuous Membership

Pay monthly by DD




2021 Family

2 adults & children in FTE




Family Continuous Membership

Pay monthly by DD



2021 1 Adult plus 1 Child

< 18 years old




2021 1 Adult plus 2 children

< 18 years old




2021 5-year Family Membership

Inc. children in FTE at same address





2021 Student

Aged 18-25 or in FTE




2021 Juniors

Age 8-17




2021 Minis

Under 8s





I hope that you will find the new methods of payment convenient and easy to use. I will send a follow-up email shortly explaining the process for renewing membership.


Very Best Wishes



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President