COVID August 5th Update

 - - -



Dear Visitor,


The events in and around Aberdeen are a salutary reminder to us all that we need to maintain extreme vigilance regarding the risks of facilitating Covid 19 transmission at the Club.



Please therefore remember that it is essential that we continue to adhere to all our existing precautions, in particular;


  • Do not come to the courts if you have any doubts about the health of yourself or someone else in your household, or your recent socialising, and of course nobody should be travelling from Aberdeen City while the local lockdown is in place
  • The Clubhouse remains out of bounds except for dire emergencies. If you do have to go inside, please use hand sanitiser both before you enter and after you have left, even if you have washed your hands as well
  • Maintain 2m social distancing, especially when in conversation
  • Use hand sanitiser before, after and preferably during play (especially if you find you cannot avoid touching your face) as there is some risk, however small, that balls can provide a bridge for transmission from hand to hand


Let’s keep our community safe and make sure BLTC is not in The News!



Best wishes


Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President