Club Championships Aug 2020

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Club Championships


Dear Visitor,


This year, in view of the guidelines continuing to restrict numbers attending social events, we propose holding the club championships over a longer time period (ie the month of August, from 1st to 27th) but with the intention of still holding a scaled back event for the final of each competition on the weekend of 29th/30th August.


As in previous years, there will be the opportunity to participate in:

  • Men’s Singles (and Plate)
  • Men’s Doubles (select your own partner)
  • Ladies Singles (and Plate)
  • Ladies Doubles (select your own partner)
  • Handicap Mixed Doubles (partners assigned by Club)

The event has been set up on the ClubSpark website for you to book your place in the competition. Once we have all the competitors registered, we will set up WhatsApp groups for each of the competitions to allow you to organise your own matches for all the rounds up to the finals, which will be held on the weekend 29th/30th August.


Once we know the number of entries in the draw, we will stipulate deadlines by which each round of matches must be completed. If any matches are not played by the due date then the player in the top half of the draw will go through automatically, e.g.: If the draw is:




and the tie is not played in time, then Tom will win the tie by default.


Scores for each match must be sent to Pawel, and we will update the draw accordingly. Updated draws will be posted on the Club Champs section of the ClubSpark website.


If you book courts for your matches on the ClubSpark website (rather than the App) and select Group booking, you will be able to detail the players in the match so that interested spectators will be able to come and watch the event.



Entries for the competition should be made at Club Champs by 29th July at latest.

Best wishes


Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President