Box Leagues


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BLTC Box Leagues


Dear Visitor,


Good evening to members and, in particular, new members.


We are inviting you to play in our Box Leagues competition.


Box Leagues will start on Sunday 21 st June and finish on Monday 26th July. During the Covid - 19 period we will be organising Box Leagues for singles competition only. Men and women will be competing together. Each Box League will contain 4/5 players. All matches need to use the booking system on ClubSpark.


Before the pandemic we had five leagues, so I am hoping that we can start the season with six leagues. Pawel and I will allocate initial starting leagues so that everyone is playing to a similar standard. 


Please let me know if you wish to enter. My direct email address is We also use a WhatsApp group. My telephone number is 07749373077. Please message and I can put you into the group.


You need to enter by Thursday 18th June as the leagues will be issued on Saturday 20th June. 


The concept of Box Leagues - Singles box league - Each player will play each other throughout the months of June and July.  You will play your opponent for two sets only. 


Please use the current systems of the club website and WhatsApp group to arrange matches and record matches.


The winner of the league is by total points (3 for winning a match, 2 for a draw and 1 for losing), then most sets, then difference of sets and if we need to do this, difference in games. The winner of each league will be promoted and the person in last place will be relegated.


We hope that you will enjoy participating.




Paul Wilson