New BLTC Booking System

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New ClubSpark Booking System


Dear Visitor,



I am sure you are aware of the good news that the Scottish Government is likely to confirm some limited opening up of tennis courts in the next few days. We will be in touch as soon as we are able to re-open the courts and have been working to prepare them and put effective safety measures in place.


Although the advice is still being updated by Tennis Scotland and the LTA, details here, one clear  recommendation is that a booking system for play on the courts can help with social distancing measures as well as ensuring fair access to the courts during a busy time.


BLTC have developed a court booking system on ClubSpark which should be used to book access to our courts once they open. It is difficult to predict exactly how much demand we will have but, to begin with, the following are the principles we will use:

  • Court time is divided into 90-minute slots, beginning at 8:30, finishing at 22:00
  • A member may book 3 slots within a 7-day period
  • Bookings can be made up to 1 week in advance
  • A doubles pair from the same household may play a pair from a different household
  • Singles may be played against a member from a different household
  • Parents must ensure that junior members are fully aware and compliant with rules of play
  • Detailed rules of play can be found on the ClubSpark site link here

We will keep an eye on how this works, and we can update the booking rules very easily if we find that we need to increase or limit access to ensure that everyone has a reasonable opportunity to play.


Fully paid up members will shortly receive an email from us inviting them to become a member of BLTC ClubSpark, with instructions on how to do this and how to book a court. It is free of charge for us to use. Bookings can also be made via the ClubSpark Booker app which will work on IOS and Android smartphones, and is available from your normal App Store.


I look forward to seeing the courts being fully utilised soon!



Best wishes


Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President