BLTC Coronavirus Update

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Coronavirus - Important Advice


Dear Visitor,



Further to government recommendations this evening to limit social activity in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, I regret that we are cancelling the Opening Tournament on Saturday and suspending Men's and Ladies' match practice until further notice.


The benefits of exercise in the fresh air for both physical and mental wellbeing are well documented so, until we receive guidance to the contrary, the courts will remain open for individuals to play at their own discretion and risk. This will include individual play and coaching, normal weekly sessions and box league fixtures. While schools are open, Junior coaching will continue.


We shall continue to check for additional guidance from the LTA and would emphasise that, if members choose to use the courts, they continue to follow good hygeine practice outlined below and keep a good distance from other players. Obviously if you or any member of your household is unwell, please follow specific advice on self-isolation.


We hope that you and your family stay healthy and we appreciate your understanding and support in keeping BLTC and its members safe during these difficult times.





Members have responsibility for the welfare of others as well as themselves and their children. Follow any official guidance and remember that it is possible that in the future either you or another player could be unknowingly carrying the virus. Taking action now to reduce the possibility of onward transmission is therefore vital,


  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water before and after play as well as when you leave/arrive home. Use only the wash hand basin in the Clubhouse toilet, not the kitchen. Also take the opportunity to wipe down/wash equipment/water bottles etc well when leaving and returning home. 


  •  Try to remember not to touch your face during play


  • No hand shaking or hi-fiving expected


  • Avoid putting balls in pockets where you keep or have kept tissues/hankies


  • Keep a good distance from other players at all times



If and when any can be obtained, the Club will provide high-alcohol gel that can be used for cleansing hands and items during play should that be desired




With best wishes



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President