BLTC Box Leagues Feb 20

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  -Singles and Doubles Box Leagues Feb & March 20

Dear Visitor,


Following the great turn-out in 2019 we are organising Box Leagues which will be formed so that tennis matches can start from the week of Monday 24th February. We will have Box Leagues in mens singles, mens doubles, ladies singles, ladies doubles. If you are remaining in the Box League you do not need to do anything. Last month's box league will inform the starting leagues for players and new players will be added to the leagues according to approximate ability. 


Please let me know if you wish to enter or withdraw from the box league. My direct email address is


Any changes must be made by Sunday 23rd as new box leagues will be issued by email on the following day. 


The concept of Box Leagues - Singles and doubles box league - Each player(s) will play each other throughout the months of February and March.  You will play your opponent(s) for two sets only. For doubles you require a nominated player.


Ideally, you can arrange to play your opponent either on a Tuesday/ Wednesday or Sunday night. However if you play on another night this is fine. Please use the current systems of the club website and Whats app group to arrange matches and record matches.


The winner of the league is by total points (3 for winning a match, 2 for a draw and 1 for losing), then most sets, then difference of sets and if we need to do this, difference in games. 


This may mean quite a lot of tennis for people but coordinated you can have singles and doubles throughout February and March. This will be the first league in 2020. We will be running a variety of leagues throughout the year and introducing mixed doubles for interested couples later in the year. Our first league needs to be completed by Sunday 29 March.


Thank you