Wimbledon Ballot Reminder 2020

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Wimbledon Ballot - please opt in!


Dear Visitor,


If you have not already done so, can I please ask you to OPT IN to the ballot for Wimbledon tickets, even if you are not personally interested in getting a ticket?


The number of tickets which are allocated to the club each year depends entirely on the number of opted in LTA members we have. Currently only 1/3 of those at BLTC with an LTA membership have actually opted in. As a result we get far fewer tickets allocated to us in the ballot than we could have. 

It is very easy to opt in and also to become an LTA member if you are not one already. The good news is it is FREE! Details as follows:



 By 'Opting In', you are not applying for tickets in your name at this stage, but instead increasing the number of tickets that we will be allocated for our own ballot.


More details on our home page: Wimbledon Opt-In


The deadline for this year is 14th February so please act now! Thank you for helping boost our ticket quota.




Best Regards



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President