BLTC January 2020 Newsletter - Renew Your Membership Now

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January Newsletter and Things to Do!


Dear Visitor,


Happy New Year to everyone. We have some important matters for your attention this month as we start getting prepared for the new season. 


2020 Membership Renewals


Your 2020 membership is due for renewal by 1st March.   Please go to our Website at and click your choices to request your renewal.  You will then receive details of the the required online payment which must be paid before your 2020 membership can be confirmed.


Having held our rates for the past 2 years, we now have to make a small increase across all sections. It is important that we invest in proper maintenance of the courts and build a fund for future surface replacement. Still excellent value for money though!



Wimbledon 2020 Ballot Opt-in 


If you have not yet opted-in, please help the Club by doing so


The number of Wimbledon tickets allocated to the Club is proportional to the number of members that are Opted In by February 14th


For those of you that are not members of the LTA, can we please ask you (all individual club members) to spend 5 minutes to join (for free - click on the LITE Membership option) and also 'Opt In' to the Ballot. The LTA will then allocate Banchory Tennis Club a certain number of pairs of tickets to Wimbledon, based on how many club members have 'Opted In'.  By 'Opting In', you are not applying for tickets in your name at this stage, but instead increasing the number of tickets that we will be allocated for our own ballot.


More details on our home page: Wimbledon Opt-In


February Box Leagues


Following on from the success of last year's Box League competitions, Paul Wilson will be setting up a new Box League for Ladies and Gents (singles and doubles) beginning 24th February. More information to follow shortly.



Winter Tennis Precautions


It is great that there has been some reasonable weather for tennis this winter, but please do remember that the car park, paths and decking at the club are not routinely cleared of frost, snow or ice and can become very slippery and dangerous. The courts can also have ice lying beneath the top surface. Members should take precautions to ensure their own safety and that of fellow members and guests.  Please consult a committee member before attempting to clear the courts as they can easily be damaged. The courts must not be used if there is thunder and lightning in the area.



Tennis Holiday to Poland


If talk of snow and ice turns thoughts to sunnier conditions, please see  the poster here detailing the proposed tennis holiday in Poland in July. Contact Pawel for more information, the deadline for notes of interest and the deposit is 20th February.



Tennis Holiday to Italy


Alternatively, if you cannot wait for July, Pawel is also offering the opportunity to participate in a tennis camp in Italy in May. Poster on our website here

The deadline for this opportunity is 1st February.



Block 1 Juniors After-school Junior Classes and Easter Camps


Registration is now open for 2020 Block 1 After-School Classes and also Easter Camps.  


  • Block 1 After-school classes will run for 7 weeks from 17th Februrary
  • Easter Camps will be weeks of 6th and 13th April 

To book, please log in to our website and go to >My Junior Coaching


It is very important that you do this so that we have a a good record of atttendees for safeguarding purposes as well as for planning

Any queries, please call me on 07788663324



Best Regards



Arlene MacFarlane
BLTC President